Learning materials to empower us to create change.




Education Resources

Climate change can be studied in any subject: English, math, social studies and science. We need multiple disciplines to understand and have the tools to respond to climate change. Videos, visuals and lesson plans can fit the age range and subject you are teaching. Most important, are ideas for how students can actively create change in their own schools and communities.

New Mexico Resources 

There are many environmental education programs and learning opportunities in New Mexico from field trips to guest teachers, school gardens, open spaces, state parks, citizen science and partnerships with museums.

Creative Climate Movement

The arts have an important role in helping society to face up to the challenge of climate change and create a more sustainable future for us all.


One degree of warming has already resulted in devastating impacts across the planet.  Here’s the good news: We know exactly what we have to do–keep fossil fuels in the ground and quickly transition to 100% renewable energy.

Electric Vehicles


“Documentary film is a form that allows us to walk in another’s shoes, to build a sense of shared humanity, that gives voice to the marginalized and the scorned, that strives to hold those in power to account,” writes Simon Kilmurry. Documentaries on climate change can sway public opinion and influence policy change.


Podcasts can be funny and entertaining, and also be informative, and even awe-inspiring. There is a wide range of environmental podcasts that include scientists, interviews in remote, communities and activists leading the fight against climate change.


There are excellent books on climate change. We have selected books for kindergartners up to adults  that range from nature appreciation to visuals rising sea levels, to activism, conservation and sustainability.