Climate Awareness

Learning materials to empower us to create change





One degree of warming has already resulted in devastating impacts across the planet.  Here’s the good news: We know exactly what we have to do–keep fossil fuels in the ground and quickly transition to 100% renewable energy.

Tools for Understanding Climate Change Impacts

Digital tools for visualizing climate change and its impacts are remarkable in their breadth and depth. You can find out how much climate change is responsible for a heat wave, what crops are best to plant for the future climate, or what the air quality is where you live.

Climate Disinformation Resources

From obstructing timely action on climate change and burying scientific studies on the warming and health hazardous of carbon emissions to misleading public relation campaigns and shady influence over elected leaders, polluting industries have a long history of manipulation to ensure company growth and profits. These resources, while primarily written for journalists, demonstrate the continuing greenwashing, disingenuous narratives and outright lies spun by the industry and its supporters to delay and distract us from a just transition to clean energy. (sketch by L. Chemineau)


Creative Climate Movement

The arts have an important role in helping society to face up to the challenge of climate change and create a more sustainable future for us all.

Electric Vehicles

Watch these videos about electric vehicles to learn about how they reduce greenhouse gas emissions and are an important climate solution.


“Documentary film is a form that allows us to walk in another’s shoes, to build a sense of shared humanity, that gives voice to the marginalized and the scorned, that strives to hold those in power to account,” writes Simon Kilmurry. Documentaries on climate change can sway public opinion and influence policy change.


Podcasts can be funny and entertaining, and also be informative, and even awe-inspiring. There is a wide range of environmental podcasts that include scientists, interviews in remote, communities and activists leading the fight against climate change.


There are excellent books on climate change. We have selected books for kindergartners up to adults  that range from nature appreciation to visuals rising sea levels, to activism, conservation and sustainability.