Creative Climate Movement



“Photography, and the arts, when they are invested with meaning, are powerful tools of communication. It is through our understanding of the world that we can gain the capacity to draw attention to environmental or political issues.” Benoit  Aquin


“Among the many strengths of art, is the ability to introduce the viewer to new ideas and thoughts. However, to be an artwork that is active in bringing about positive change, it must be more than thought provoking.” -Sculpture Artist Jason deClaires Taylor




“We have the ability to put the brakes on climate change, but we need to devote our collective resources to it now. I’m hoping this work will inspire our country’s policymakers to put politics aside, focus on the greater good, and ensure a safe, bountiful future for their children and grandchildren.” Hannah Rothstein 



“Music is an important tool because it acts to bridge the divide between logic and emotion. “It is simple enough to look at numbers rise or to watch the slope of a graph increase and walk away saying ‘OK, the Earth is getting warmer.’ Through music, we can convey the data in a different way, which draws on the science of the numbers and also the emotional power of hearing sound.”  Daniel Crawford 


Spoken Word Poetry 

“The power of poetry makes it a real force to be reckoned with. Poetry can affect all generations, and make people consider anything from love to loss, indeed poetry does what little else can, it can inspire. ” Poet, Zena Agha