UNM Coalition on Climate Welcomes You

Join the UNM Coalition on Climate in its campaign to inspire University of New Mexico Leadership, Regents and  Foundation to aggressively address climate change. As the Flagship University, UNM should be leading the state in climate change solutions, preparing its students for the challenging decades ahead and providing resources for the community struggling with the repercussions of a hotter, drier climate.

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Climate Action at UNM includes:
  • re-directing fossil fuel investments into clean energy projects, preferably in New Mexico
  • rescinding the Foundation’s policy against environmental, social and governmental investment screens
  • including climate change in the Foundation’s list of investment risks
  • convening a long promised presidential-level committee to design and implement climate initiatives including a long-overdue updated 2009 climate action plan that attempts to comply with the Energy Transition Act
  • re-instating greenhouse gas inventories
  • re-committing to greenhouse gas emission goals that bring the university to net zero no later than 2050 and hopefully much sooner
  • reducing water-intensive grass and plants on campus
  • eliminating single use plastic and styrofoam on campus
  • upgrading sustainability studies to a major with certificate programs
  • adding climate change to core curricula requirements
  • establishing a climate change and environmental justice research center
  • curating a speakers series and  helping the New Mexico community understand and survive climate change
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Also check out valued-member of the UNM Coalition, the student-led UNM LEAF for petitions and letters to sign. Click below. And visit them on social media.