350NM Past Speaker Series Talks

Community Solar Comes to New Mexico by Dylan Connelly & Andrew Stone

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April 25, 2022The NM Community Solar rules are out! Check out this update on the progress being made towards the program kick off. You’ll learn program specifics, schedule and how to get involved with on-going PRC dockets that are consequential to the adoption of clean energy. A Speaker Series talk by local solar developer and 350NM steering committee member Dylan Connelly, and architect and NMSEA solar advocate Andrew Stone.


Methane: Climate Change, Energy Transition, Geopolitical Cudgel by Dr. Anthony R. Ingraffea, Cornell University

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March 28, 2022: The methane in fossil gas is a major driver of climate change. It is an impediment to the transition to a renewable energy world. It is at this very moment being used as a geopolitical cudgel. Dr. Ingraffea explained his research and gave his opinions on these aspects of this simple molecule, which stimulated productive discussion.


Growing Climate Solutions in Healthy Soil by Isabelle Jenniches & Claudia Reynoso, NM Healthy Soil Working Group

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February 28, 2022: Restoring soil health holds the promise of reversing climate change by drawing down carbon from the atmosphere, and rebalancing the water cycle in our arid environment. It’s a simple and effective solution to a multitude of fundamental problems caused by exploitative and extractive industrial systems –and yet it is not often discussed or understood within the climate movement.

This talk provided an overview of the principles of soil health, what the climate benefits are and how people can get involved in advancing this important climate solution.


COP 26: Two Climate Gatherings by Lora Lucero, Albuquerque Community Member

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December 4, 2021: 350NM’s last Speaker Series talk of 2021 featured Lora Lucero of Albuquerque who attended COP26 in Glasgow as a delegate for the League of Women Voters of the United State. She found 2 climate gatherings happening in Glasgow simultaneously and shared about both the formal and informal COP26.
Topics included:
• The good, bad, and ugly outcomes
• Role of Indigenous Peoples and other voices in the climate negotiations
• Lora’s personal feelings of cognitive dissonance as well as observing the c.d. at a larger scale
• Conclusions: Lora’s take-away explained … communication is extremely important at this moment in human history.


New NM Methane Regs by Tannis Fox & Tom Singer, Western Environmental Law Center

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October 25, 2021: Tannis Fox of Western Environmental Law Center has been representing 350 New Mexico and others in the promulgation hearings for the new methane and oil and gas air quality regulations that have just concluded. Attorney Fox will gave a report on the outcome of her efforts that involved complicated three-way negotiations between the state agencies, industry players, and the environmental community. New Mexico executive agencies, Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources as well as the Environment Department have been busy for over a year writing long-overdue new state methane regulations. Fox has been supported by Tom Singer, Senior Policy Advisor for WELC. Tom talked about some of his efforts as part of the Methane Advisory Panel that laid the groundwork for the new regulation hearings.

Methane emissions and their climate emergency impacts jumped into the national consciousness with the detection of a huge methane cloud over the Four Corners area in New Mexico. The resulting scientific studies of the sources of the emissions there and over other oil and gas basins concluded that methane emissions were many times greater than had been represented by industry and the E.P.A. Petroleum development and production in five states are responsible for as much as 25% of the increase in greenhouse gas emissions in the entire country. Historically, New Mexico has had among the weakest methane regulation of any petroleum-producing state.



Making the Jump to Buying an EV by A Variety of Electric Vehicle Owners

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September 27, 2021: We hosted a practical discussion with people who have recently made the plunge into the bright, fun future of electric vehicle ownership. In the real world, driving electric now dramatically reduces your transportation carbon footprint and will even more so as our electric grid is increasingly decarbonized. Participants learned that while the upfront cost of an electric vehicle is a little higher, the total cost of ownership is lower. Tesla paved the way but there are now affordable entries in the marketplace.


Infrastructure: Building 100% Renewables by Tom Solomon, 350NM Co-Coordinator

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July 26, 2021: We must see bold climate action in the American Jobs Plan. But what would it REALLY look like to build 100% clean renewable energy for ALL purposes in time to save the climate? This talk expands on The Solutions Project to show what we must build every year; how many wind and solar farms and battery farms and gigafactories, until we reach 100%, with costs and jobs impacts.


Perspectives on climate and air quality in New Mexico by Dave Dubois, NM State Climatologist

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June 28, 2021: Dr. DuBois discussed the current status of the climate across New Mexico based on data from the last 125+ years. He then talked about air quality trends over the past three decades. Finally, provided participants with ways to help collect climate data as citizen scientists, such as the Community Collaborative Rain Hail and Snow (CoCoRaHS) network.


Turn Off the Gas by 350NM Panel

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February 22, 2021: Many of us still use natural gas (methane) or propane gas for our home hot water and space heating. Yet at the same time, we believe in lowering our carbon footprint. Getting off gas also makes more financial sense now than ever.
Watch the video to find out how you can use the latest electric heat pump technology to replace your home’s gas furnace and hot water heater. By 2030, PNM electricity will be 50% renewable and 100% by 2040. Many will have rooftop solar. Transitioning to an all-electric home is the wave of the future and a climate imperative.

Our team of experts explained what new high-efficiency appliances look like and what it takes to make the conversion from gas. The panel discussion was followed by Q&A.


SkyTruth: If You Can See It, You Can Change It by John Amos, SkyTruth President

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January 25, 2021
: John Amos, president of SkyTruth talked about the innovative technology company he founded. Monitoring fossil fuel extraction is a major area of SkyTruth’s satellite detective work around climate change. John shared stories about SkyTruth’s game-changing environmental surveillance. In the twenty years since SkyTruth’s founding, sensing technologies have become much more powerful allowing earth orbit satellites to track oil and gas industry development and pollution in new and revealing detail in New Mexico and around the world.

Amos started the non-profit company, SkyTruth in 2000 to fill a critical gap in environmental conservation using satellite imagery to help protect the environment. As a remote sensing expert then working in the resource-extraction industry, John saw firsthand how industry used imagery to exploit – and sometimes destroy – landscapes by identifying promising mining or drilling sites from space.
SkyTruth makes its maps, databases and tool available for free so that everyone can do their own skytruthing, monitoring the places they care about and hold industry and decision-makers accountable.