Fracking is dirty, dangerous, and incompatible with healthy communities or a safe climate.

Fracking is a heavy industrial process whereby millions of barrels of water are mixed with hundreds of undisclosed and often toxic chemicals and then injected into the earth under extremely high pressure to force oil and natural gas (methane) to the surface. Research and on the ground experiences have proven that fracking poses grave risks to public health, clean air and water, and a stable climate. Studies by NOAA and other researchers have shown vast leakage of methane – a potent greenhouse gas – from fracking well-heads.

“Due to the heavily faulted nature of the Albuquerque Basin in Sandoval County, unconventional drilling, horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracking, poses a significant threat to the quality of drinking water aquifers.   Donald Phillips, Geologist

Risk to Drinking Water Aquifers

Fracking in the Albuquerque Basin in particular, poses a significant threat to the quality of drinking water aquifers.

Donald Phillips’ presentation


Methane Emissions

New Mexico’s oil and gas operators are emitting 570,000 tons of methane every year — equivalent to the climate impact of 1.8 million cars.


Oil and Gas Methane Emissions in New Mexico, Environmental Defense Fund


Oil and Gas Threat Map 

This is a comprehensive data map showing  the location of all active oil & gas wells in the United States (except North Carolina and Idaho), then counts the people, schools, and hospitals that live within ½ mile of these facilities. On national, state-by-state, and county-by-county levels it indicates the contribution of oil and gas air pollution to elevated ozone smog levels, and consequent asthma and other respiratory impacts. Using EPA data & models, it shows which counties have health risks because of oil & gas toxic air pollution.

It was created to show the public and lawmakers that this type of air pollution is a ubiquitous health threat that should be addressed with strong government standards. And that eliminating existing methane standards comes at the expense of the health and air that governments are obliged to protect.



Community Mobilization

Sacred Land Sacred Water:

Confluences of the Rio Grande Valley

This hour long documentary tells the story of scientists and citizens working together to resist the oil and gas lobby’s ongoing efforts to pass a fracking-friendly ordinance in Sandoval County, New Mexico. It details the risks posed by fracking to the entire middle Rio Grande aquifer.  Ideal for middle and high school students. This documentary is interdisciplinary and could be shown in science, social studies, and civics classes.

Free streaming of Sacred Land Sacred Water 




Fracking Sandoval County Comic

Artwork by Larry Bob Phillips, writing by Marc LeClair

The ongoing conversation on the proposed Sandoval County oil and gas ordinance has been transformed into a comic book.  LeClaire, who has been following the conversation since the ordinance’s inception, felt compelled to write the comic book due to a personal commitment. “Some years ago, I made a personal commitment to do everything I could to protect the land and the water here,” LeClaire said. “I feel the more I learned about fracking, the more I am completely convinced that it’s a real threat to our land and water and our way of life here.” The comic book is available for viewing on Instagram or a copy can be purchased  for $5 at New Mexico Future Histories.




San Juan Citizens Alliance 

San Juan Citizens Alliance advocates for clean air, pure water, and healthy lands – the foundations of resilient communities, ecosystems and economies in the San Juan Basin.



Faces of Chaco

In Faces of Chaco, by  San Juan Citizens Alliance  you are introduced to the incredible people of Greater Chaco and their fight for their home and community.  This project is their story. A mixture of documentary and portrait photography paints a picture of how their home has changed, where they find the inspiration to push forward despite the odds, and how the rest of us can help them fight for a better future for their children.




Greater Chaco Artwork Zines

These zines were created by 2018 Land Arts of the American West artists while visiting the Greater Chaco Region in New Mexico and witnessing the environmental racism and health impacts of fracking on local communities. This project, designed to raise public awareness of the issues, was a collaboration with visiting artist, Asha Canalos, and the Greater Chaco Coalition.



Frack Off Chaco

Frack Off Greater Chaco is a collaborative effort between Indigenous community leaders, Native groups, nonprofits, and public lands and water protectors across the southwest and the country working to stop fracking in Greater Chaco.