350NM Speaker Series

350NM regularly hosts climate professionals and community members to provide timely, relevant climate information for our community.
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350NM Presentations


Developing New Mexico’s Geothermal Heat and Electricity

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Video Presentation

Video Description: Learn about the NM Geothermal Resource Development Act for 2023 and the great potential of this clean, zero emissions source of heat & electricity. It could be a world-class 24×7 clean power source for New Mexico, providing sustainable economic development and a just transition path for drillers from the oil industry. NM is #6 in national geothermal potential. This bill will help develop it. Presented Jan. 12, 2023.


Blue Hydrogen Briefing

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Video Description: “Blue” Hydrogen from fracked methane is not a climate solution. The best science shows that it is worse for the climate than just burning natural gas directly. We must say no to a hydrogen hub.  In this updated briefing on the Blue Hydrogen Hub, with Tom Solomon of 350NM and WELC’s methane expert Dr. Tom Singer, learn why blue hydrogen is being pushed by the fossil fuel industry to sell more natural gas. It is NOT a climate solution.

Radio Interview on Dec. 22, 2022 with 350NM’s Tom Solomon and Mike Eisenfeld of San Juan Citizen’s Alliance on the hydrogen production proposals in New Mexico.


Climate Solutions: Building
100% Clean Renewable Energy by 2040, Presentation by Tom Solomon, 350NM


Video Description: The ‘American Jobs Plan’ must include bold climate action. But what would it REALLY look like to build 100% clean renewable energy for ALL purposes in time to save the climate? Using ‘The Solutions Project,’ Tom showed how many wind & solar & battery farms & gigafactories to build every year, until we reach 100% – with costs and job growth.

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Video Presentation — Livestream Video 7/26/21


A Sustainable Economy without Fracking, Presentation by Tom Solomon, 350NM

Tom did two livestream presentations of his new slide deck focused the damage fracking has caused in New Mexico

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Video Presentation – Livestream Video 5/19/20

Video Description: The New Mexico oil industry has gone bust, and the ongoing climate emergency demands that we shift to a sustainable economy – but how? 350 New Mexico’s Tom Solomon  will dive into the themes of the coming May 21st webinar panel on “A silver lining for New Mexico’s economy” and detail the damage that fracking has caused here, and how we can shift to a cleaner economy without the oil industry. Join us, and for the Q&A to follow.

Video Presentation – Livestream video 5/21/20

Video Description: Can there be a silver lining to the current public health crisis? Join Stephanie Garcia Richard (Land Commissioner), Tim Eichenberg (State Treasurer), Mimi Stewart (State Senator), and Tom Solomon (co-coordinator of 350 New Mexico) as we explore the possibility of moving our state toward a clean, green economy. Co-hosted by the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County and 350 New Mexico.


New Mexico Clean Energy, Presentation by Tom Solomon, 350NM 

These slides take you step by step to a path for 100% clean electricity for New Mexico. Tom also lays out the urgency of switching to wind, solar and geothermal quickly, as climate change is already happening.

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Video Presentation June, 2019



The Plan to Build 100% Clean Renewable Energy in the US by 2040, Presentation by Tom Solomon, 350NM 

These slides take you step by step to a path for 100% clean electricity for the whole US.

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ABQ People’s Climate March – “Standing Rock, Chaco & Our Backyard”  Saturday April 29, 2017

No DAPL Protesters Deliver Petitions to Army Corps of Engineers in ABQ

New Mexicans rally together to support Standing Rock Sioux Tribe – Nov 15, 2016