What those inheriting Earth have to say about climate change


Atlas, 8 years old, created a webpage about climate change to raise awareness about the impacts and taking action.





Gabriel was a state finalist in the 2021 Central NM STEM Research Challenge, Senior Division with his wind and solar project. He goes to Albuquerque Institute of Math and Science. He received an honorable mention in the Senior Engineering category and four monetary awards from NM Engineering Foundation, ENLACE, US Air Force, and Directed Energy Professional Society. He won third place in 2020. Gabriel said, “I was interested in developing a new sustainable energy technology that we could use for both industrial and residential scales. With New Mexico declaring itself carbon neutral in the upcoming decades, new technology will be needed as we transform our grid. This will power everything including our homes, buildings, transportation, and networks.


Ada is a 15-year-old climate activist and artist. She is a freshman at Albuquerque Academy. She has cared about climate change all her life because she loves spending time outdoors and wants to preserve the natural world. She also cares about climate change because she doesn’t want those who are inheriting Earth to have to solve this problem later even though they didn’t contribute to it. Her piece, “We Will Not Allow the World to Look Away,” is made with watercolor paint, pastel, colored pencil, and headlines from magazines and the newspaper about climate change. The piece is about the inequality in how climate change affects different people and countries. It shows how those who contribute the most to climate change have not yet started to feel its effects, and those who don’t contribute as much to climate change have started to feel its effects sooner.


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