Vision for NM Clean Energy
A synopsis of how to achieve a clean energy future in New Mexico
By Tom Solomon, 350NM Co-Coordinator

New Mexico is uniquely positioned for a successful and just transition to a 100% clean energy economy, with perhaps the best mix of renewable energy solar, wind and geothermal resources in the USA. We know what we need to build and when climate science requires it. We know that current technologies will get us at least 95% of the way there. We know what it will cost and how to pay for it and we can estimate the lives it will save. And we know how to put that clean energy to work to lower our costs as consumers, live healthier and safer lives and help preserve a livable climateHere’s how.

How is New Mexico Progressing on its Path Towards 100% Renewable Electricity since the ETA passed in 2019?

How much wind and solar energy is being generated in New Mexico TODAY?

Click on the image to find out how much renewable energy is being generated in your New Mexico city, county or the entire state TODAY depending on the expected weather! You can find out how many equivalent tons of CO2 this avoided, car miles powered, tree planted, smartphones charged or equivalent homes powered. Also listed are definitions of confusing terms like megawatt-hours.

What Generates New Mexico’s Electricity?

Put your cursor over a line to see how much different sources of energy contribute to electricity generation on a given year.

New Mexico’s renewable energy sources

How do New Mexico Renewables Compare to Other States?

Click on another state to compare New Mexico’s renewable energy production on the graph with that of other states.


Solar Electricity Statistics

New Mexico Annual Solar Installations

Click on the image to see the latest statistics on installed solar electricity capacity, solar jobs demographics, kinds of solar jobs, number of solar companies, average electricity rates, State Installer Licensing Requirements: Electrician’s License, distribution of solar by county and other information. As of Q2 2022, there were 69 solar companies in the state including 13 manufacturers,  $2.7 billion solar investments at 2,013 jobs in solar.

New Mexico Clean Energy Statistics (2021)










State Fact Sheets


Wind and Solar Energy Projects on State Trust Lands

Click on the images to see where solar and wind projects are located throughout New Mexico on state lands. The U.S. Wind Turbine Database provides a more detailed map on offshore and land wind turbines throughout the U.S., and the Wind Exchange portal offers more wind-related information including Research and Development projects, ordinances, policies and incentives.

PNM’s Real Time Solar Tracker

Click on the image at left to see how much of PNM’s electricity is currently being generated by renewable resources, such as sun and wind, to meet customer demand. Throughout the day, this percentage fluctuates based on changes to the weather such as cloud coverage, wind conditions, the time of day and the amount of energy being used by our customers. This display is updated every 15 minutes to ensure the most accurate representation of current renewable energy production.

Electric Cars in New Mexico

As of December 2020, New Mexico had 2,620 battery electric vehicles registered. (Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are excluded in this count).