NEW!  How NM’s Rural Electric Co-ops can benefit from the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act to retire coal debt and invest clean energy to lower electric rates. Click here.


Loans   Clean Energy Credit Union. Loans for solar, HVAC, lighting, windows, insulation, geothermal heat pumps, new & used electric/hybrid car, motorcycle or ebikes:

Nusenda. Solar & efficiency loans/local partners. Also home equity line of credit with more flexibility. Can pay tax credit back into the loan up to 18 mo. later and get a new lower loan payment.

Tips:  Most solar installers offer 0% down. Avoid financing options with a UCC1 filing securing the loan against the home, which have higher fees and often deceptive practices.

Tell your electric coop to apply for USDA RESP: 0% loans to members for energy efficiency upgrades, solar panels, battery storage and EV chargers.

Incentives for you.  Solar tax credits: 26% federal (2021; 22% 2022) and 10% NM state.

Energy efficient appliance rebates. Visit CNMEC

For more incentives visit DSIRE:

Grants for Businesses. USDA REAP grants and loans for energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy:


Reduced maintenance, fuel costs ($1.16 per eGallon (Sept. 2021) or free if you have solar!) and emissions, drive fun, fast and safe. Tax credits for many models.  Trucks will be a battery on wheels for electric power tools. Consumer Reports (2020): “The massive lifetime savings potential of EVs could be a game changer for consumers… it’s only going to get better.” Tesla Model 3 costs $2,000 more than gas-powered Audi A4 but operating costs are $17,000 less over life of car. Electric Mini Cooper 2 door hardtop, costs $6,250 more (w/o the $7,500 tax credit) than gas version, but saves $25/month in operating costs.

        • Range: EVs can handle most day-to-day driving, and range is improving. Most people drive <50 miles/day. EVs ranges: 100-500 miles. 19  batter EVs & 44 Hybrids have ranges > 300 miles. Drivers can extend their range by driving slower. Charging networks are growing all the time.
        • Recharge Time: 85% of owners charge at home overnight to have full battery in the morning. On long-distance travel, it is not necessary to fully charge at every stop. So charging can be done by the time you’ve taken a bathroom or meal break.

Explore available cars, incentives and prices at or


Rainwater Harvesting: Bernalillo County has rainwater harvesting training and videos on its website.

Office of State Engineer: Conservation, rainwater, rural homeowners guide, roof-reliant landscape

Brad Lancaster Rainwater Harvesting:

Free well assessment with an eye to water safety:

Well class:

Grants and loans for wells:


Learn how to save water by improving your soil!  Visit New Mexico Healthy Soil Working Group at Watch Kiss the Ground: and visit

Bring your soils to life with NMSU Johnson-Su Compost:

Grants for Farmers and Ranchers July 2022 – through Soil and Water Conservation Districts in your county. Regenerative Agricultural grants: 575-646-2642


Get money for the internet.  Emergency Broadband Benefit Program until $ runs out. Check eligibility and apply at, contact internet provider or call 833-511-0311.


350NM Rural Advocacy Contact info: Ann McCartney,