More appliances to electrify for: Landscaping, Farming and Snow  Barbecues  Swimming Pools  Fireplaces

More ways to manage energy & save money: Watt Diet Retrofit  Smart Thermostats Circuit Splitters  Smart Panels  Meter Collar Adapters



Have a gas-powered leaf blower? Propane barbecue grill? Many zero-emissions electric alternatives are available that may be safer, perform more quietly and efficiently and be less expensive to operate. Here are some examples.

Much of the content on this page comes from Redwood Energy‘s 2022 A Pocket Guide to All Electric Retrofits of Single Family Homes.


Electric Landscaping, Farming and Snow

Redwood Energy:  Powerful electric landscaping equipment uses lightweight batteries and efficient motors that are half as loud as gas equivalents, produce no local air pollution, and are easier to maintain. Modern batteries now offer comparable length of operating time to gas tanks, and batteries are safer to store than gasoline, oil and rags. 

Redwood Energy product examples.

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Rebates: Socorro Electric Coop and Central New Mexico Electric Coop offer rebates on electric riding mowers, snow blowers, chainsaws, trimmers, pruners, leaf blowers, power washers, additional batteries and bicycles!

Electric Barbecues

Electric BBQ grills heat up faster and more evenly and take up less space than gas or charcoal grills. Electric grills allow precise temperature control, however some do not generate as a high a heat needed for searing. With no fumes, flames or flyaway embers, they are less hazardous to use outdoors especially during fire season or where there are local restrictions and are ideal for cooking indoors. Easier to clean and more portable, they may also be cheaper to operate.

Redwood Energy product examples.

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ENERGY STAR Commercial Electric Griddles are 11% more efficient than standard models. They can save businesses around $135 annually and ~ $1,380 on utility bills over the product’s lifetime.

Swimming Pool Heaters and Pumps

Redwood Energy Heat Pumps for heating Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

Department of Energy Information on Heat Pumps Swimming Pool heaters ncluding costs and savings comparisons with gas and electric heaters.

El Paso Electric Company has rebates on efficient ENERGY STAR pool pumps.


Electric Fireplaces

From LED-illuminated water vapor mists and reflective glass ember beds to glowing log inserts, electric fireplaces can warm and brighten a room without emitting soot, smoke, carbon monoxide or other harmful combustion byproducts from propane, gas and wood fires. While many of these fireplaces can generate heat, it is much more efficient to heat your home with a heat pump. So we recommend turning off the heating function and just enjoying the visual glow.

This Old House best Electric Fireplaces of 2023.

Redwood Energy product examples.




Retrofit Design, Home Energy Management Systems and Splitters


Reduce energy use. Maximize comfort. Save money and effort with these smart strategies and devices that direct where electricity should flow when. And possibly avoid a costly electrical panel upgrade too.





Design: The Watt Diet Retrofit

Redwood Energy has a free 2022 guide and 30-minute video outlining how to retrofit a single family home for electrification, following the National Electric Code (NEC) without having to shell out for a costly electrical panel upgrade. They call this the Watt Diet, and they give an example of a 2,000 square foot all-electric 100-amp house in northern California, but they say it would work with larger houses and colder climates.  They have a downloadable, Excel-based  Watt Diet Calculator that uses information about your home and its location to estimate its power and NEC requirements, a selection of appliances, and circuit sharing devices capable of pausing some devices such as EV chargers to design a system compatible with your existing electric panel.


Device: Smart Thermostats

Thermostats are more sensitive to temperature fluctuations than we are and can save money by fine-tuning your home’s energy consumption. Choose one that is compatible with your heat pump or other heating system (see if you can get one from the same company). To avoid wasting energy with a heat pump, set the smart thermostat so that the temperature settings do not fluctuate more than four degrees. If your smart thermostat is WIFI-enabled, make sure close enough to be continuously connected.
ENERGY STAR Smart Thermostats
Most electricity providers offer rebates or sales on smart thermostats: El Paso Electric, XcelPNM, and NM electric coops.  Some providers also offer discounts attached to consumption reduction for enrollment in their thermostat programs.


Device: Smart Circuit Splitters

You’ve just purchased your first electric car, and you are eager to charge it at home.  But when you hear how expensive it is to install a dedicated 240 volt line and panel upgrade for a Level 2 charger in your garage, your heart sinks. If the Inflation Reduction Act and other financial incentives don’t work for you (or your landlord), check out a circuit splitter. If there is an existing 30-amp, 240 volt outlet for your electric clothes dryer in your garage or nearby utility room, you are in luck. Your EV and dryer can’t use the same circuit at the same time, but a circuit splitter orchestrates which appliance gets the power. If your electrician is wary of circuit splitters for safety reasons, ask about a subpanel. Examples of circuit sharing devices: Simple Switch, Dryer Buddy, and NeoCharge.

More information:


Device: Smart Panels

A smart panel can coordinate when different appliances turn on, when electric cars and home batteries charge and discharge and where rooftop solar electricity is directed. It replaces the traditional circuit breaker box or electrical panel. At a simple level it might pause EV charging in order to turn on the clothes dryer or delay a dishwasher run to avoid expensive time-of-use utility rates. During a power outage, it could prioritize essential electricity needs, turn off individual unneeded circuits and optimize the use of solar, storage or EV batteries.  According to one company these panels qualify for the Federal (25 D) 30% of equipment and installation costs Solar Tax Credit (when the panel is installed with solar), (25C) IRA tax credit ($600 max) if  the panel is upgraded in conjunction with heat pump or heat pump water heater and the IRA HEEHRA point-of-sale rebates for low- and moderate-income households up to $4,000.

Cool How Smart Electrical Panels Manage Loads Possibly Avoiding the Need for Upgrades   (photo from this blog).


Device: Meter Collar Adapters

These easy-to-install adapters, save time and money by avoiding extensive electrical panel work for solar panels. According to the company, ConnectDER meter socket adapters take about an hour for a licensed electrician or participating utility meter technician to install between the meter socket and utility meter, enabling easier solar interconnection.  With Siemens, they are expanding into plug-in adapters for EV Chargers as well, reducing EV charger installation costs by 60-80%.  The meter collar adapters are installed between your meter and the meter socket.  Unfortunately, they are not available in New Mexico yet.