The Green New Deal

We urge the US Congress and the NM legislature to pass the
Green New Deal, a 10 year, urgent national mobilization to save
the climate & create jobs in a just & sustainable economy.
– 100% Clean Energy. Rebuild infrastructure. Clean Air/Water.
– Less inequality. A just transition for workers & communities.

Fracking Moratorium

We urge state, city and county governments of New Mexico to pass an immediate a four-year moratoriums on any new fracking or re-fracked wells.
Four years will give time to assess air, water and health impacts, establish meaningful monitoring and develop regulation and enforcement to protect our people, water and air. These do not exist now.
– Fracking has a heavy impact on nearby communities: water and air pollution, heavy truck traffic, man camps and more. Could a fracking well go in across the street from you?
– Methane leakage from fracking in N.M. is a dire threat to the world’s climate.
– Young people around the world are demanding we act on climate. We must keep most fossil fuels in the ground to leave them a livable planet.

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