We are building an inclusive movement in New Mexico to prevent the worst effects of climate change and climate injustice. Ordinary New Mexicans are standing up to the fossil fuel industry and driving a just transition to renewable energy for all – join us!



Tom Solomon


tasolomon6 (at) gmail (dot) com

Tom Solomon, co-coordinator of 350.org New Mexico, is a retired electrical engineer. During his 34 year career at Intel he led the team which built and ramped Fab 11X in Rio Rancho, the $2B expansion that doubled the size of their microprocessor Fab in 2001. He also led the efforts to build Intel’s first (10kW) solar array in NM in 2008, and a larger 100kW rooftop installation in 2011. After retirement, Tom became a full-time activist. He was a field organizer for OFA in 2012 and now co-leads the NM chapter of 350.org, fighting global warming to ensure a safe climate for his 3 children. 350NM’s campaigns include UNM divestment, large public climate rallies, public education forums on methane leakage, rooftop solar advocacy at neighborhood associations and coalition efforts at the PRC to replace the power from PNM’s San Juan coal plant with Wind and Solar energy.

Jim Mackenzie


jim (at) 350newmexico (dot) org

Jim Mackenzie, co-coordinator of 350 New Mexico, worked in the New Mexico electrical industry for over 35 years. During that time, he was a principal of two distributed electrical generation (DG) New Mexico businesses including a startup wind turbine manufacturing company using spinoff technology from Sandia Labs. He is a retired commercial and industrial union electrician and has lived in New Mexico for almost 50 years while raising his three children.

Mackenzie’s activism and organizing spans 50 years including the civil rights, anti-Viet Nam war and environmental movements. Highlights of that work include attending Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I have A Dream” protest in Washington, DC., helping to stop the construction of a uranium mill in Sandoval County and organizing a 600-person Albuquerque demonstration in support of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe fight against the North Dakota Access pipeline.

Jim served in the U. S. Army, Signal Corps and was deployed in Viet Nam, 1966-1967.

Delese Dellios



For years, I have witnessed the widespread effects of drought in New Mexico and the bark beetles attacks on our water starved and weakened forests.  In 2016, I was devastated to witness the bleaching and dying of the Great Barrier Reef.  In 2017, I stood helplessly by as my son lived through Hurricane Irma’s ravaging of St John, USVI.

In 2018, I watched in horror, as fire storms swept through Greece in which my friends narrowly escaped and in northern California where my younger child wore a mask for a week in Oakland due to the heavy smoke that penetrated the region. I fight climate change because I don’t feel like I have a choice.  Humans are the only species who are knowingly destroying their home and the people who are most affected by climate change did not create the problem.  I dedicate every extra moment of my precious time on this beautiful, blue planet to confront the dangers of global warming.

Nancy Singham



Age 9: outdoor explorer, birder

Age 16: AFS exchange student in Brazil, reader

Age 25: APS kindergarten teacher, backpacker, gardener

Age 36: mother, supporter of Chicago Mayor Harold Washington, socialist, potter

Present: Combining all of my accumulated experience to create a just and peaceful world by building a global climate justice movement with 350 New Mexico

Anni Hanna


anni.hanna@gmail.com  505-879-3806

I grew up on a farm in Western Massachusetts where my family started a traditional, handcrafted Miso Company and a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm. I spent hours of my childhood outside roaming the forests, fields and river that runs through our farm.

Studying cultural anthropology at Smith College took me traveling through Europe and a year abroad in Nepal. I came to New Mexico with Teach For America to teach in Gallup. While teaching, I completed a Masters in Elementary Education at the University of New Mexico. I now live in Albuquerque with my family, raising four spirited kids. I want my children and their children to live in a world where they have clean water, clean air, and diverse species. We have to act now, with urgency to stop carbon emissions. As a mother, I feel that this is my first priority. I’m particularly interested in engaging youth to mobilize for climate action. I want to see students in their schools, at city council meetings, at the legislative sessions demanding policies that will ensure they have a healthy planet. I want to give teachers and students tools to empower communities to take on climate change together.

Mike Neas



A graduate of The University of New Mexico, Mike has spent many years and many issues challenging the status quo. There are too many things that aren’t working for us and our environment. Now is the best time for a correction. Mike has spent much of his life exploring New Mexico and beyond in a Kayak. Those experiences bring home the realities of our water. In order to protect it out there, you have to come in here, and you better be serious.

Ken Bergeron


ken7berg (at) gmail (dot) com

Prior to my involvement with 350 New Mexico I spent 25 years at Sandia National Laboratories carrying out or managing scientific research in a variety of energy-related fields, including fusion energy, solar thermal systems development, and nuclear reactor safety. After retiring from Sandia I published Tritium on Ice, a book about the dangers of using commercial nuclear power plants to produce materials for nuclear weapons. I hope my background in science and technology helps inform my involvement in climate change issues. I think 350.org is a tremendous force for good in a world facing the existential challenge of climate change. Being involved in the New Mexico chapter seems to me to be a great way to make a difference at both the local and national levels.

Ann McCartney



I built (with lots of help) a passive solar adobe back in the 70’s with a composting toilet, grey water system and hand-driven well. Overuse of resources by developed/developing countries has been a long held concern.  I am solo practitioner of law in Los Lunas and am deeply involved in my community to make inroads to a transition to renewable energy.  Climate change activism is the obvious work for me to be involved in to impact the planet positively.



Ward McCartney



I graduated college in 1971 and after doing various non college related jobs, moved to Whitefish, MT, forming a three person construction partnership and getting involved in local politics, via an organization called Citizens for a Better Flathead (county). I moved to NM twelve years ago and after listening to Tom’s climate change talk, two years ago, Ann and I decided to jump in. Luckily, another five or more concerned people have also recently jumped in. Its a great group that needs others to join. Just take the forty minutes to listen to Tom’s talk. We’ll look forward to meeting you at our next meeting or better yet up in Santa Fe.

Dylan Connelly



Dylan Connelly is a solar and sustainability consultant. Dylan is also a licensed mechanical engineer. Prior to joining Affordable Solar in early 2018, he was designing ultra-efficient residential and commercial buildings for 10 years. His passion for renewable energy inspired him to move into the solar field full time. He is able to use his diverse expertise to provide his customers with a comprehensive perspective in order to meet their energy-saving goals.

Vicki Kay



Niko Dellios





Niko has a background in Design for Sustainability and Visual Design. Niko develops graphic design, social content, and website design for 350 New Mexico. See his work at www.nikodellios.com