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“The more we can engage people in the specifics – the humanity of it all and the science – in ways that are relatable and concrete, the more successful we will be in shifting the discourse from apathy to change.” Photographer Nichole Sobecki

Climate Impact Lab

Climate Impact Lab  is an excellent resource for middle/high school students to dig into the research and visual mapping on climate change. It is has maps of the United States and the Globe and students can see historical temperatures, current, and projected temperatures. Helpful for students to visualize how what areas of the world will be most impacted by changes in temperature. 



Climate Visuals

Climate Visuals  contains a growing library of photographs to provide inspiration and guidance for campaigners, picture editors and communications practitioners selecting imagery for communicating climate change. All images are captioned with an explanation of how they fit with the seven Climate Visuals principles, and why they work.




How Much Hotter Is Your Hometown?

How much hotter is your hometown? is an excellent interactive graphic that tracks how much hotter the planet has been getting recently. It really hits home, because students can search for their own hometown and see how even in their lifetime big changes have taken place. Perfect for 3rd graders and up.



NASA  Climate Time Machine

Interactive Time Machine  is a resource for students to visualize how sea levels, sea ice, carbon dioxide, and global temperatures are changing over time.


NASA Global Ice Viewer    

Global Ice Viewer  allows students can choose a topic  to see how climate change has affected glaciers, sea ice, and continental ice sheets worldwide.


NASA Images of Change

This  NASA image gallery features images of different locations , showing change over time periods ranging from centuries to days. Some of these effects are related to climate change, some are not. Some document the effects of urbanization, or the ravage of natural hazards such as fires and floods. All show our planet in a state of flux.


NASA Visualizing Temperatures

Visualizing Temperatures is assembled from publicly available data acquired by about 6,300 meteorological stations around the world, ship- and buoy-based instruments measuring sea surface temperature, and Antarctic research stations.



States At Risk 

States at Risk is a project aimed at showing how Americans in all 50 states are experiencing the impacts of climate change. Our work focuses on five threats — extreme heat, drought, wildfires, coastal flooding and inland flooding — and the states most affected by these threats.


Climate Spirals

Effectively communicating climate change is a challenge. The animated climate spiral is a different way to show the historically observed changes and resonates with a broad audience.


Oil and Gas Threat Map 

This is a comprehensive data map showing  the location of all active oil & gas wells in the United States (except North Carolina and Idaho), then counts the people, schools, and hospitals that live within ½ mile of these facilities. On national, state-by-state, and county-by-county levels it indicates the contribution of oil and gas air pollution to elevated ozone smog levels, and consequent asthma and other respiratory impacts. Using EPA data & models, it shows which counties have health risks because of oil & gas toxic air pollution.

It was created to show the public and lawmakers that this type of air pollution is a ubiquitous health threat that should be addressed with strong government standards. And that eliminating existing methane standards comes at the expense of the health and air that governments are obliged to protect.



 Using Videos and Gifs to Visualize


A comparison of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide concentrations and Temperature Variations

Temperature anomalies arranged by country from 1900 – 2016

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