Climate Change Books

Reading for Knowledge and Inspiration to Build a Sustainable Future




Kindergarten-3rd Grade 

We’ve selected books that are in appreciation of nature and and inspiring stories of individuals making a difference in their community.

Grades 4-6 

These books range from primers that give students background knowledge and visuals to autobiographies and fiction about how climate change affects communities.

Grades 6-12

This is the perfect age for students to be engaged in researching and organizing change in their schools and local community to fight climate change.


Climate Fiction

Cli-fi can help students imagine the future impacts of climate change. Novels can be set in the near term with an emphasis on imminent climate impacts or in the distance future to show the implications of climate change.

Books For Teachers 

We’ve selected books that can help teachers implement place-based education about climate change in their classrooms.

Books for Parents

There are many books about teaching children appreciation for nature and how to engage them in caring for their community.