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High quality podcasts can be informative and entertaining, capturing students’ attention and imagination. Podcasts can help students connect to issues on a personal level, hearing directly from people affected by climate change and from scientists conducting research.  From a learning standpoint, excellent podcasts can improve students’ listening and comprehension skills. A podcast is the perfect material to stimulate discussion, which in turn encourages creative thinking and action. Students may want to create their own podcasts!

Climate One Podcasts

Climate One brings together top thinkers and doers from business, government, academia and advocacy groups to advance the discussion about a clean energy future. The search engine is excellent for middle/high school students wanting to listen directly from leaders in the climate movement and how communities are responding. Most podcasts are 50 minutes long, so it may be a research homework assignment.


The Draw Down Agenda

The Drawdown Agenda is an exciting  podcast series exploring the ground-breaking research behind the best-selling book Drawdown, a new and inspiring vision how we can reverse global warming by achieving “drawdown” – when atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations peak and begin to decline.



The Energy Gang

A weekly digest on energy, cleantech and the environment with hosts Stephen Lacey, Katherine Hamilton, Jigar Shah 





MIT: Climate Conversations

MIT’s weekly podcast from the climate community.


Threshold Podcasts

Threshold Podcasts explore big ideas through personal stories “We take our listeners on journeys, where they can learn without feeling preached to, empathize with people they didn’t expect to like, and imagine things they didn’t think were possible.”

Season 1: American Bison The United States named bison the national mammal, but we still haven’t decided if we’re ready to restore them as wild animals on the American landscape. Could we ever live with wild, free-roaming bison again? Should we try? Why, or why not?

Season 2: Cold Comfort  The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of planet, and that has big consequences for all of us. But satellite images of melting sea ice don’t begin to tell the whole story. Four million people live in the Arctic, and they’ve been dealing with the effects of climate change for decades. We wanted to hear from them in this pivotal moment — when the ground is literally shifting beneath their feet.


MPR News Climate Cast

MPR News 

Paul Huttner’s innovative Climate Cast program sets a high bar for public radio stations across the U.S. He has an uncanny ability to make the timely timeless, by fitting today’s breaking weather developments into the longer-range climate, and climate change, context.


Mothers of Invention

​Join former Irish President Mary Robinson and comedian Maeve Higgins for Mothers of Invention , an uplifting new podcast, celebrating amazing women doing remarkable things in pursuit of climate justice. Each episode features the Mothers of Invention driving powerful solutions to climate change – from the grassroots to the court room, the front lines to the board room – all over the world.


Climate and Migration Coalition  

These videos and podcasts provide a range of insights into migration and climate change. The podcasts are usually 20 minutes long and provide and introduction to a specific topic. Our videos range from 1 minute ‘explainer’ videos to much longer video lectures exploring a topic in more detail.


An lively weekly podcast about the environment


Teaching        Classroom Lessons       Visuals         New Mexico         Youth Activism         Films          Book List         Creative