An Environmental Threat


New Mexico wastes more oil and gas methane on federal lands than any other state

Hydraulic fracturing – the fracturing of rock or tight sand by hydraulic pressure, using a combination of water, sand and chemical additives to extract natural gas and petroleum.

“Fracking, as currently practiced across the United States, poses serious risks to the health and safety of communities and the environment.

Water supplies across the country have been contaminated in fracking-related cases — either by natural gas that migrates out of wells and into underground aquifers, or by any number of byproducts from of fracking process: chemicals, harmful and/or toxic substances from the underground rock such as naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORMs), dissolved solids, liquid hydrocarbons including benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene, and heavy metals.” (Gasland)

What is happening here in New Mexico?

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Here’s A Snapshot Of What’s To Come….

Time Lapse Map of Fatalities Resulting from Pipeline Incidents Between 1986 and 2016

Red dots indicate incidents that resulted in fatalities and black dots indicate incidents without fatalities that could be geolocated. The incidents are sized bigger and shaded darker as the financial damage associated with each incident increases.

Time Lapse Map of Significant Incidents that Resulted in Injuries (in yellow) that could be geolocated.

The incidents are sized bigger and shaded darker as the financial damage associated with each incident increases.

Map Legend: Damages

Map Legend-Damages

Time Lapse Maps Courtesy of The Atlantic CityLab, George Joseph and Richard Stover

It has been determined there is oil and gas beneath the Albuquerque Basin and extraction is being considered, putting our aquifer and air at risk.

What Can You Do?

If you live in Bernalillo County:

Call or Email your City Councilors and County Commissioners and ask them to “Establish an Oil and Gas Advisory Board to begin drafting oil and gas regulations to Protect Our Water and Our Air from the Threat of Fracking Pollutions.”

Albuquerque City Councilors:

District 1 Email Councilor Ken Sanchez: or call (505) 768-3183

District 2 Email Councilor Isaac Benton: or call (505) 768-3186

District 3 Email Councilor Klarissa Peña: or call (505) 768-3127

District 4 Email Councilor Brad Winter: or call (505) 768-3101

District 5 Email Councilor Dan Lewis: or call (505) 768-3189

District 6 Email Councilor Pat Davis: or call (505) 768-3152

Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners:

Email them all at once =>

District 1 (Chair) Debbie O’Malley
District 2 (Vice Chair) Steven Michael Quezada
District 3 Maggie Hart Stebbins
District 4 Lonnie Talbert
District 5 Wayne Johnson

A Quality oil and gas ordinance for Bernalillo County – Click Here!

If you live in Sandoval County:

Call or Email your County Commissioners and say: “Since our county has no groundwater protections, we urge you to place a moratorium in place on any permits until we can assure that our water and air quality can be protected under all circumstances”.

Sandoval County Commission

District 1 James Dominguez: Call (505) 252-3251 or email

District 2 Jay C. Block: Call (505) 252-6218 or email

District 3 Don G. Chapman: Call (505) 414-6247 or email

District 4 David J. Heil: Call (505) 252-6085 or email

District 5 F. Kenneth Eichwald: Call (505) 252-7412 or email

A Brief History of Fracking in Sandoval County – Click Here!

A Quality oil and gas ordinance for Sandoval County – Click Here!

And for Communities impacted on private land holdings in these areas:

Rio Rancho Estates, Rio Rancho, Corrales, Bernalillo, Placitas, La Madera (HWY14 area), Puercocito, Tejon, Budaghers, Pena Blanca, Algodonnes.

Visit: Common Ground Rising Click Here!

Common Ground Rising

The mission of the Common Ground Community Trust is to educate, organize, and implement community grassroots committees to take action that protects our environment against the drivers of climate change, which impacts watershed, air, public health and safety.

Chaco Canyon

Frack Off Chaco

“The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which governs land use throughout much of the region, has estimated that about 4,000 oil and gas wells will be drilled in the area around Chaco in the next several years.”[1]

“Since the Navajo Nation’s February 6, 2017 request for a moratorium, the Bureau of Land Management has approved nearly 30 new drilling and fracking permits, authorized new pipelines, and approved other developments to accommodate new fracking in the region.”[2]

For more information about Chaco Canyon, Go To the Frack Off Chaco website




Details Below

New Mexico’s oil and gas companies waste 180M tons of methane into the air every year – enough to generate $6M a year in school funding and heat 345,000 NM homes. So why is Governor Martinez against it?

Bernalillo County:

Bernalillo Oil & Gas Ordinances are Needed Now!

Middle_Rio_Grande_BasinThe Oil & Gas industry would like to start drilling oil & gas wells within the ABQ basin.
Yes! Literally in your backyard!

Right now, there are no local government protections. Fracking in Bernalillo County puts us all at risk for contaminated water, poisoned air and serious health problems. But there’s still time to change direction, continue reading to see what you can do to make things right.

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Sandoval County:

sandoval-county-new-mexicoSupport Food & Water Watch’s effort to establish a moratorium on drilling and fracking in Sandoval County.

(Click Here To Continue Reading….)

Methane Study Group:


NOAA NASA Methane Study. (PDF) – Click Here!

A large increase in US Methane Emissions over the past decade. (PDF) – Click Here!

Barnett Shale Methane Report. (PDF) – Click Here!

Additional Information


Massive methane cloud prompts calls to curb natural gas waste. (More…)
New Mexico Political Report – By Matthew Reichbach

This video shows methane and volatile organic chemicals spewing from gas wells on our public lands in Utah. The pollution is “business as usual” for oil and gas companies.

Right now, Congress is considering getting rid of new rules that would stop this pollution.

Take action: Call your Senator today and tell them to save the BLM natural gas waste rule.