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UNM Sustainability Studies Program

The UNM Sustainability Studies Program offers an undergraduate minor degree to students in any department or college on campus. We provide interdisciplinary, hands-on, community-engaged learning that informs students’ academic work, future careers, and personal lives.




UNM Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability encourages and facilitates sustainability efforts of students, faculty, and staff to continue the reduction of UNM’s environmental footprint. UNM has defined the areas of sustainability to include energy usage, renewable energy, new building construction and remodel, transportation, recycling, purchasing, water usage, and food. The  Climate Action Plan  for UNM. 




Soilutions Composting




Soilutions  provides products, education and services that support sustainable relationships between people and their environment.  We do this through three divisions – our Compost Facility recycles greenwaste into compost and mulch that protect and nourish the earth;  Food Waste Management makes food waste recycling happen by providing recycling services and education; and  Adaptive Terrain Systems provides experienced, hands on consulting services on erosion control and stormwater management.  They offer a comprehensive field trips for students to tour the compost facility. Call to set up.


  • Abq’s Residential food scrap program 

    Albuquerque’s only residential food scrap collection business. Launched in 2018, we seek to build a community of local residents committed to diverting their food waste away from landfills and putting it to good use in local soils instead.


Center for Social Sustainable Systems: School Gardens Project

CESOSS mission is to reconnect schools, students, and families with local agricultural traditions that includes small farming, gardening, and the importance of acequias in our community. They have piloted school-based farmer’s markets held at local elementary schools, helped to establish and upkeep a school garden at Dolores Gonzales Elementary, have coordinated events and workshops at local elementary schools, and have worked with teachers to bring lessons to their classes.