The Albuquerque Youth Climate Movement is a coalition of student groups who have come together to fight for climate justice in the time of a climate emergency. The groups came together in May 2019 to plan the first youth climate strike. They have planned actions around the May and September Global Climate Strikes, Actions at the NM Capitol and on UNM campus.

Youth Demands

  1. Immediately declare a Climate Emergency in the State of New Mexico 
  2. Create a Just Transition Fund from oil & gas revenues to support the research & development, planning, and implementation necessary to end NM’s dependence on fossil fuel revenues, to achieve carbon neutrality for our state, and build a sustainable economy that works for all New Mexicans — no more sacrifice zones. The Fund’s first allocation should be for a comprehensive state-wide economic transition study to identify alternative revenue streams and alternative job opportunities as we transition our state’s economy. 
  3. Pass a moratorium on fracking to protect our water and our health 
  4. Pass community solar legislation.
  5. Ensure New Mexico is powered by 100% renewable energy by 2030.



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