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A nature center brings the natural environment to people under the guidance of trained professionals to experience and develop relationships with the natural world. In this era of isolation and disconnection from the land a connection to nature is more important than ever. Association of Nature Center Administrators 

Northern New Mexico

Pajarito Environmental Education Center, Los Alamos

The Pajarito Environmental Education Center features a full-dome planetarium, wildlife observation room, indoor and outdoor play areas, and interactive indoor and outdoor exhibits. The Center is a great place to enjoy the breathtaking views of canyons, mesas, mountains, and skies.


Albuquerque Area

Albuquerque Open Space

Albuquerque has of 29,00 acres of open space. The  Open Space Visitor Center includes rotating exhibits, a hands-on Discovery room, an art gallery, and agricultural fields that draw a variety of wildlife and stunning views of the Sandia Mountains. They offer bosque-guided nature walks and special concerts and events.


Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge

Situated between the Chupadera Mountains to the west and the San Pascual Mountains to the east, Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1939 to provide a critical stopover for migrating waterfowl. The refuge is well known for the tens of thousands of cranes, geese, and ducks who winter here each year. During spring and fall migration, the 57,331-acre refuge is a spot to rest and refuel for many birds as they follow the Rio Grande through the woodlands which hug the riverbanks, called bosque.


Rio Grande Nature Center State Park

Located in the bosque,  the  Rio Grande Nature Center offers field trips, learning activities, and events for families.   The park has interpretive nature trails,  a hands-on Discovery Room, library, an outdoor classroom, garden, and a  Discovery pond where students can sample aquatic life under the microscope.  They offer weekend bird walks and storytime hours.  There are activities for the whole family to experience 270 acres of woods, meadows, and farmland flourishing with native grasses, wildflowers, willows, and cottonwoods.


Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge

Land along the Rio Grande River has been protected for Valle de Oro, the State’s newest wildlife refuge, including significant water rights to address restoration of the Middle Rio Grande. With all its 570 acres acquired, this urban jewel provides a place for people to get outside and truly enjoy nature within their own community.

Southern New Mexico

Chihuahuan Desert Nature Park, Las Cruces

The Chihuahuan Desert Nature Park, in northeast Las Cruces, is a 935-acre park owned and operated by the Asombro Institute for Science Education. The beautiful park offers views of three mountain ranges, hiking trails, interpretive signs, a self-guided tour, shade structures, picnic benches, and art installations.




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