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Bill # Bill Name – sponsor What it will do Committee Hearing Schedule
SB 489 Energy Transition Act

– Sen. J. Candelaria, Rep. N. Small

100% Renewable Power by 2045/ San Juan Generation Station Cost Recovery Securitization
HB 398 Oil, Gas & Vented Gas Royalties – Rep. D. Lente Increase Public Lands royalty new lease rate and require royalty payment on spills, flaring and leaks
SB39 Solar Tax Credit

–Sen. Stewart

Extend Solar PV Tax Credit for homeowners, others
HB210 Community Solar Act

– Rep. Roybal Caballero & A. Romero, Sen. Stefanics,

Community Solar access for residential and commercial IOU customers HJC 2/8/19. Do Pass
SB51 Renewable Energy Services-State Facil.

– Sen. Steinborn

Solar on State buildings
HB289 Fund Investment in Renewable Energy

-Rep. Stapleton

Requires NM to invest at least 1% of the $5B Severance Tax permanent fund in New Mexico renewable energy HTRC 2/11/19, 8:30am Rm 317
SB 459 Fracking Moratorium

-Sen. Sedillo Lopez, Shendo

4 year fracking moratorium and O&G reporting requirements
SB186 Oil Conservation Div. powers & duties

– Sen. Richard Martinez, McQueen

Restores enforcement authority to Oil Conservation Division 2/14/19 Senate Conservation, 9:00 am RM 311
tbd EV Charging Infrastructure

– Rep. Angelica Rubio

Funding to build Electric Vehicle charging stations
HB185 Electric Motor Vehicles Fees & Tax Credits

– Rep. Jim Trujillo

Provides for an EV tax credit of $2500-3500 for purchase or lease of PHEV’s or BEV’s costing $48k or less. Also $300 for EV charging units. SB333 is similar (Sedillo Lopez)



All electric motor veh sales & services

– Sen. Ortiz y Pino, Rep. Akhil

Legalizes NM Tesla EV stores & service centers as a manufacturer, not a franchise.

HB294 is nearly identical to SB243

HB 294; HCEDC 2/6/19

Dead (SB140, SB243)

HB221 Home Energy Efficiency Tax Credit

-Rep. McQueen

Creates income tax credit of $2-4k for homes made more efficient by 20-40%. HTRC 2/4/19
SB136 Efficient Use of Energy Act amendments

– Sen. Ortiz y Pino

Extends, modernizes the EUEA
SB161 RETA funding

– Sen. Bill Tallman

Appropriates $700k to fund RETA operations,

Renewable Energy Transmission Authority



Healthy Soil Act

– Rep. N. Small, Sen. Stefanics

Creates and funds the healthy soil program in the Dept of Agriculture (Drawdown) HAWC 2/12/19, 8:30am Rm 315
SB45 Low-Income Energy Conservation Program

– Sen. Richard Martinez

$2M to fund a residential energy conservation authority for low income persons in 2020-21 S. Conservation 1/29 9:00 am
SB 393 Carbon Fee & Dividend

– Sen. Soules

Assess fees on carbon pollution w/dividends returned to taxpayers (CCL)
HB426 Renewable transmission and storage study

– Reps Akhil & Vigil

Study to determine needs for renewable energy transmission and storage in NM
SB 454 Competitive Procurement of electricity

–Sen. Cervantes

Requires a competitive RFP bidding process for electricity
HB432 Affordable Solar Energy Act

– Rep. Akhil

Allow on-bill financing of home rooftop solar or energy efficiency devices, etc
SB 336 Electricity Distribution For Certain Vehicles – Sen. Sedillo Lopez Expand the Use of Electricity To Power Vehicles SCONC 2/14/19
SB 456 Competitive Procurement for Utilities

-Sen. Cervantes, Rep. Akhil

transparent and accountable procurement process
HB206 Environmental Review Act – Rep Chasey – Sen Stewart addresses potential pollution events beforehand
HB 347 Coal Sales & Processing Gross Receipts – Rep. Strickler, Alcon reduces taxes on coal OPPOSE HENRC 2/12/19, 8:00am Rm 317
HB 440 Solar Energy Improvement Assessments –

Rep. Akhil, Sariñana

County Tax support for solar energy HLLC 2/12/19. 9:00am, Rm 309
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