For the 2021 legislative session (19-Jan to 20-Mar), several important climate and energy bills are being considered. 350 New Mexico supports many of these bills. The bills we support are listed in the table below. Also below are links to contact information for legislators by committee and schedules for committee hearings will be updated, so you can email and call legislators and attend hearings to speak in favor of passing this important legislation.

Join our Legislative Action Team – The goal of the group is to advocate for strong climate and energy bills in 2021. Sign up here to help on short notice to attend hearings at the Roundhouse and to make public comments in support of this vital legislation.

Committee contact information: view committees (needs updating for 2021 leg)   and    Link to Abbreviations      Link to committee schedules:  view schedules 

Link to “My Roundhouse” locators for all 2021 climate bills: view climate bill locators

350NM Priority Climate & Energy Bills (as of 1/15/2021)


Bill ID Title Sponsor Location Scheduled
218167 Green Amendment Sedillo Lopez S.prefile tbd
Climate Solutions Act – grand climate bill Stansbury, Egolf tbd
Sustainable Building Tax Credit Rep Kristina Ortez tbd
‘Stringency’, strike ‘No More Stringent than’ from Hazardous Waste Act & Air Quality Act. Wirth tbd
218160 Sustainable Economy  Stewart S.prefile tbd
  Increase envir penalty caps:AQCA, WQA, HWA, SWA Correa Hemphill,  Steinborn tbd
218733 Electric Vehicle Tax Credit Tallman S.prefile tbd
Fracking Moratorium Sedillo Lopez tbd