In addition to the climate and energy bills highlighted by 350NM here, our Rural Advocacy group supports the bills below. Check back for updates in the table or click  our MyRoundhouse List to see the paths the bills have taken and committee location updates as well

Updated on 1/31/2024 8:30 am by 350NM 

Bill ID 350NM Rural Additional Supported Bills – Title Lead Sponsor Location Scheduled
SB 111 Protect State Waters Hemphill SFC
SB 101 Water Law Violations Penalties  Sedillo Lopez SCC
HB 211  Water Project Prioritization Herrera HAFC Passed 5-2
SB 9 Conservation Legacy Fund Neville SFC Rolled
HB 177 NM Match Fund Dixon HAFC
HB 5  Workforce Development & Apprenticeship Fund Garratt HAFC Wed Jan 31, 1:30 PM, Rm 307
SB 79 Statewide Composting Program Campos SFC