tasolomon6 tasolomon6, February 4, 2017


Dear friends,

Thank you for signing the 350NM petition for 100% Clean Renewable Energy.

We now have our bill SB-312, in the 2017 state legislature and it’s time to ask for your help to get this bill passed.

The “What”

If SB-312 (link) becomes law, it will increase New Mexico’s Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) up to 80% by 2040, requiring companies like PNM to produce more electricity every year from renewable sources like wind and solar. Sen. Mimi Stewart and Rep. Nathan Small are our sponsors.

This would be a dramatic increase from the current RPS that stops at 20% by 2020. The goal of 80% by 2040 is as high as we think possible to legislate for now, and it gets us on the path to 100% by 2050. Here is the AP story, and you can read the entire bill at this link: SB-312 pdf.

The “How”:

Now we need your help.

1. Help us by calling both your NM State Representative and your State Senator. Here are two ways to find them:

a. Text your full mailing street address to this phone # (520)-200-2223. Like magic you’ll get a reply with contact info for your State Representative and State Senator. It will also include your US Senators and Congressperson.
Or you can:

b. Go to this web site: https://www.nmlegis.gov/Members/Find_My_Legislator, and enter your address in the link: “search by name, district or address”… for both the State House of Representatives and Senate. Click the names to get email and phone #s.

2. Once you have the information, call their office using the script below. Phone calls really are better than email. Next best is a hand-written personal letter that you send by US mail.

Your message is simple and you can speak to one or more of these reasons:

“Thank you ‘Senator______’ for taking my call. I live in your district, at (your address). I’m calling to ask for your vote to support the bill to increase renewable energy in New Mexico, Senate Bill 312. This bill will create great New Mexico jobs in solar, wind and geothermal; it will make the air cleaner, reduce water consumption and reduce lung and heart disease from coal pollution. Will you be supporting this bill? “

Of course you can add other comments, but it’s best to keep it short but make sure to include the bill# 312. And regardless of what they say in reply, be polite and thank them for their time. If you like you can follow up with an email.

That’s it.

You can follow the progress of the bill through at the 350NM Facebook page, or at the legislature directly, at: https://www.nmlegis.gov/Legislation/Legislation?chamber=S&legType=B&legNo=312&year=17

With your help we can get this bill passed!

Best regards,

Tom Solomon & Jim Mackenzie


PS – an informative powerpoint that we’ve been using to explain this bill to legislators is here