Teaching Climate Change

As fellow educators, we have pulled together ready to use resources for teaching students about climate change. We found high quality lesson plans, videos, podcasts, and books that are engaging for students of all ages.

Climate change is one of the most urgent issues we face today. We believe it should be addressed and interwoven into many school subjects. Science and Environmental Study classes, Language Arts, Theater, Social Studies, Digital Media, and Civics classes. There are many opportunities teachers have to empower students. As Richard Beach writes, students can “experience our interconnected relationship with nature, to understand the significance of climate change, and be inspired by the numerous possibilities for taking action”. We have created student activism resources, so that students can take an active role in planning projects that they would like to take on in their schools and communities.

At the younger grade levels, educators can impart to students joy in the natural world all around them.  Students can learn about local ecosystems, habitat, enjoy field-trips, and learn about weather and seasons. Recycling and conserving water are important building blocks of being a responsible citizen. This strong appreciation and connection to the natural world can grow into taking action on climate change in the upper grades.

We have such an important job as educators to teach climate change and actively engage our students being part of the solution. We hope that you are able to lead your students and colleagues on integrating climate change lessons into your curriculum and empowering students, schools, and communities to create a sustainable future together.  


Anni Hanna, Education Coordinator


Nancy Singham, Education Coordinator

nancywsingham (at) gmail (dot) com