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Teaching Climate Change

An introduction for teachers about lessons and resources for teaching children of all ages an appreciation for nature and how to be active citizens to make a sustainable future



These high quality sites include lesson plans, videos, research tools, and activities for students to learn more about climate change, how it affects them, and what they can do.

Visualizing Climate Change 

In this section find photographs, time-lapse videos, interactive graphs and ideas for how to communicate climate change.

New Mexico Resources 

There are many environmental education programs and learning opportunities in New Mexico from field trips to guest teachers, school gardens, open spaces, state parks, citizen science and partnerships with museums.

Youth Activism

There are so many ways students can make a difference. They can begin on the local level, studying their own school’s lighting, heating, cooling, food production and water use to find ways for schools to be sustainable. Students voices need to be heard because this is their future. 

Documentaries and Videos

“There is nothing more humanizing than short documentary films; they grab the heart, offer a window into the daily lives of real people, and allow students to see other cultures and places as populated by living, breathing human beings on a planet we need for our survival.” Jennifer Klein, Buck Institute


High quality podcasts can be informative and entertaining, capturing students’ attention and imagination. Podcasts can help students connect to issues on a personal level, hearing directly from people affected by climate change and from scientists conducting research.