jimimack jimimack, May 17, 2016

In the early morning of May 14, Bill McKibben spoke to about 100 hardy protesters at a fracking site in Thornton, a northern suburb of Denver. The lightly dressed McKibben was shivering in the forty-degree morning air as he shared how he had just returned from the South Pacific. There he saw widespread coral reef die-off and islands awash in the rising ocean. The sight of the impacts of climate change clearly distressed the author and founder of 350.org. The crowd of local and regional climate activists listened intently as the widely traveling McKibben brought news of Break Free actions around the country and the world. He described a world that was rushing rapidly toward 1.5 。 of climate warming.  Could planet earth avoid two degrees C of climate warming? McKibben shrugged to indicate that it was still an open question.