We New Mexicans Stand Up for our Land and our People.

350 New Mexico is working locally to help build a grassroots climate movement to address the impact of climate change on New Mexicans.



350 New Mexico is the New Mexico chapter of 350.org, the international grassroots organization committed to building a global climate movement. We partner with many environmental, social justice, and political organizations around the state as part of the Albuquerque Climate Coalition. We work together for climate justice for all.


How we make change:





Our Goals:


  • Dismantle the social license of the fossil fuel industry by shifting public opinion and by damaging their economic and political power through the fossil fuel divestment campaigns;
  • Battle dirty projects and industry practices in solidarity with communities most impacted by the industry;
  • Promote investment toward community sustainability initiatives, renewable energy projects, and economic pathways to shift away from a fossil fuel economy;
  • Respond to climate disaster by connecting the dots to climate change and by supporting local efforts that meet the needs of affected people;
  • Move local and national governments towards ambitious national action to stop greenhouse gas emissions; and
  • Participate in mass global mobilizations to influence UN Climate negotiations.



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